Thursday, June 27, 2013


I recently moved back into my parents house since I'm of that generation where regardless of how much job experience and education you have, getting an Actual Job is next to impossible. While back at home, I remembered that my parents are extremely eccentric world travelers and that we own a lot of bizarre junk.

I went wow, what if this stuff were all magic items, picked up by a pair of intrepid adventurers? But I'm staggeringly lazy so I don't want to write this. Let's make G+ write it. So every day I took a picture of a weird thing in my house and went hey, what's this do.

Entries have one of the pictures (the originals usually had more just go give a sense of the item) and then responses listed by NAME OF PERSON.

This is a master post for keeping track of stuff. No, this isn't really Jammer Hearts related but it's my fucking blog and also I don't care. Yes, it's really fucking long. No, I don't care.